"Sunderlands" Hoodie

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For this collection, I partnered with a local specialty screen printer who does absolutely beautiful work. Each individual color is applied by hand, layer by layer, through a laser cut silk screen. Soaking deep into the fibers of the fabric, these vibrant pigments will last through years of regular machine washing. This is NOT your average Amazon sweatshirt. Trust me– I tried every bulk printing company out there, and there is truly no comparison.

Each garment is designed and inspected by me, here in my Seattle, Washington studio. If you decide to order, expect to be blown away by the rich colors and striking design of your new comfiest garment. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to message me through my shop “Contact” tab. Thank you so much for supporting my art!

Each hoodie comes with a small "Shelby Alexandra" signature on the front.